Pofoko Stylish Case Bag for Laptop portable one shoulder waterproof 13.3″ Black (2515B)


1. Imported nylon water repellent fabric, velvet inside
2. Material damping massage shoulder pads
3. Large internal capacity bag, place a laptop computer, tablet no pressure
4. Multifunction storage bag design: computer, iPad, power cord / mouse position
5. Multifunctional auxiliary bags: Has two auxiliary bags before placing bags can be classified documents, laptops, cell phones and other items, many things equally well-organized
6. Padded shoulder straps shoulder pads: There are thick shoulder pads, shoulder carrying strap length on the bag more suitable
7. Portable comfort zone: hand with practical, long-term wear-resistant and durable, long hand is still comfortable
8. Fashion, cool and stylish, practical performance high
9. Multiple back method: portable, shoulder, Messenger
10. Splash water: waterproof fabric, fabric smooth, bright color, feel comfortable, with good waterproof performance, abrasion, high heat resistance
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